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5 Reasons to use a Buyer's Agent

Having sold more than 150 properties in Mexico over the last 16 years I have found that it just does not make sense to use the Listing Agent to buy a property.  Would you use the same divorce attorney as your spouse.  Same principles apply:

1. The listing agent has the Seller's best interest at heart.  You will be assured to get the lowest price possible by using me to represent you in the negotiation process.  Trust me on this one and I suggest you shop for a savy buyer's agent if your purchasing one of my listings.  

2. There are many things that the listing agent may not review with you prior to the sale as they may result in additional costs to the buyer which can cause problems for you in the closing or lead to added expenses on your behalf. I know how to uncover all the hidden gotchas up front.  Sometimes your great deal may not be as good as you think.

3. Home inspections are critical yet I have never had a listing agent recommend their client get an inspection.  I have two inspectors that I use to uncover the problems before you close, not after.  Believe me, if the house if more than five years old there are problems that need to be uncovered.

4. There are different ways to hold title, not everyone is most benefited by a simple Fideicomiso.  If the other avenues are more beneficial then you may want to know what other method might make better sense for you. The listing agent seldom provides this advice as it may complicate their job function.

5. The closing process in Mexico averages about 90 days.  Yes, you may hear much less but it seldom happens and if some one is not constantly involved in pushing the process along it may take much longer.  There are many cases of Gringos waiting over two years to get their titles.  I have a Mexican attorney facilitate your process and it does not cost anymore than a standard agent but gets the job done in a much safer process.

I have the experience and now the process.  Let me help you get the best deal without any problems.  

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About Jeff:

I have been selling real estate down in Los Barriels and the East Cape for 16 years having closed over 150 transactions. Most people don't realize the simple part is the selling, the hard part in the clsoing and making sure all the potential pit falls are determined.  This is where I set myself high above the other agents as I uncover any potential problem that could occur leaving my buyer's with liabilty.  In 16 years I have not had any issues that were not  resolved in a closing.  As a buyer's broker we spcialist in assisting buyers.  It's advantageous to buy throgh the non listing agent as the listing agent always represents the seller firrst.  Please feel free to call if you have questions.  760 494 7381 or email

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Please feel free to call for you complimentary discount card for Charters, resturaunts, quad rentals, kite lessons, and many more.  We also provide legal and contruction services.  Why not let a professional with years of experience help you at not additional fees



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