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Lord of the Winds Contest Los Barriles 2011

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Three day event featured the largest purse in Kiting



Brief History of Kite Boarding

Kite surfing, otherwise known as kite boarding, is becoming an increasingly popular sport for both amateurs and competitive athletes. The sport, which developed from the usage of kites to propel carts in the 19th century, is a surface water sport that involves standing on a small surfboard and using a large kite that harnesses the wind, to pull you forward. Obviously, this is a sport that requires just the right conditions, so learning how to judge these correctly and how to know when particularly to harness the wind, are some of the first things taught to a beginner. There are various different styles and techniques that can be used in different conditions, as well as different sizes of kite for ranging conditions.

Whilst lakes and large water inlets can be used for kite surfing, the sport usually takes place along the coast and there are areas that, because of favourable conditions, have developed as hot spots for practising the sport. Ideal areas are those that boast steady and consistent wind conditions, preferably between 10 and 35 knots. Cross-onshore winds are the most suitable as offshore winds will pull the kite surfer too far out to sea and onshore winds pull them back into the coast too much. These conditions are relatively easy to find however, especially in the right season and most kite surfers will have a favourite spot; an experienced kite surfer will also carry with them a range of different kite sizes so as to be ready for various conditions. The equipment itself is also designed to enable the kite surfer to cope with a range of conditions. As well as changing line and kite size, modern kites also have the option to depower, or reduce the power in the kite.

There is a range of equipment available for kite surfers including different kite sizes, boards and wetsuits. There are two main kinds of power kite and choice of one or the other is often entirely down to preference: the kite surfer can use a leading edge inflatable or a foil kite. The leading edge inflatables do, as their name would suggest, have an inflatable section at the front, this not only gives the kite shape, but also stops the kite from sinking when it drops. This kind of kite is probably the more popular as it is rather more user-friendly; not only is the kite able to stay afloat, but it is also easier to control. The inflatable kite does need to be manually inflated however, a process that can take around ten minutes. The foil kite doesn`t need this and instead has air pockets at the front, to provide the same function. Kite surfers can also use a smaller foil kite and it will provide a wider depower range and therefore more scope for the athlete. Having the correct equipment and styles can be essential to kite surfing andclothing provides a range of styles and surfing fashions.  For more fashions check out

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